Deltec Get Informed

Sophisticated facility that enables you to be informed by email or ftp (file transfer) of specific tracking events that have occurred to your shipments during the delivery process.

Alerts can be created for an individual event type such as Proof of Delivery, or alternatively, a group of events.

It even allows reporting of status changes for a specific shipment – something you may find useful for those particularly time sensitive despatches.



You are able to nominate the format of the information returned, including the layout. For the file transfer option, this includes order of fields, separators and fixed/csv formats.

In addition, to avoid the continued notification in real-time, as statuses change/events become available, you can elect to receive event details, in bulk, at a nominated period of the day.

When tracking and no POD is found, users are able to request to be notified when POD is available.

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